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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is TAP for?
If you’re a college senior, graduate student, or career changer looking to make an impact, then you should enroll in the Teacher Accelerator Program. TAP equips college students and career changers with the skills and certification necessary to excel as classroom teachers. TAP is tailored for non-education majors who want to leverage their knowledge from their respective fields and career experiences in the classroom. TAP is open to college students and professionals with at least a 4-year degree, offering aspiring educators an opportunity to make a meaningful impact.
Why would TAP be a good fit for me?
TAP provides a clear route to a career in education. College Students: As college seniors and graduate students, TAP provides a meaningful path right out of college. It allows you to immediately channel your passion and knowledge into a rewarding teaching career. You can inspire young minds and embark on a fulfilling journey, sharing your enthusiasm while helping students learn and grow. Career Changers: For those looking to make a career change, TAP offers a stable income and flexibility to work with the schedules of students. This transition can be particularly appealing if you seek a profession with job security and opportunities to make a real difference in the lives of children. TAP equips you with the skills and support needed for a successful teaching career, allowing you to experience the joys of teaching and providing ongoing guidance and professional development opportunities.
How does the program work? What’s my commitment?
Enroll Today. Enroll in the Teacher Accelerator Program to begin a one-semester course that prepares aspiring educators to teach in K-12 classrooms.

Paid Summer Internship. Earn $5,000 for a summer internship with Achieve Miami & Teach For America Miami-Dade.

Start Teaching. Obtain the initial certification and secure a teaching position in a Miami-Dade County Public School.

Ongoing Mentorship. Participants will have access to professional development resources & networking opportunities.
Do I get college credits when I take the TAP course?
At the University of Miami and Florida International University, yes. The TAP at UM and TAP at FIU courses provide 3 college credits. At Miami-Dade College, students do not currently receive college credit towards a degree. While TAP at MDC doesn't contribute to your academic credit, it provides a valuable opportunity to further your expertise and passion for education, equipping you with the skills to excel as a teacher.
How do I register for TAP?
Candidates should fill out the Teacher Accelerator Program interest form.

At Miami-Dade College, baccalaureate students on track to graduate and professionals with a bachelor’s degree can enroll in course EPI 0004, with enrollment available from October 23 to January 9. For career changers, applying to MDC is the first step to course enrollment.

At Florida International University, students on track to graduate with a degree in any major can join course EDG 3321, conducted in person on campus. The enrollment period for FIU runs through January 16.

At the University of Miami, students on track to graduate can enroll in TAL 590 and graduate students are able to enroll in TAL 690.
Where would I be teaching?
TAP provides the opportunity to choose from any of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools that have an open teaching position. Once you go through the program, you have the initial certification needed to teach anywhere in the state of Florida. TAP empowers you to select the school that aligns with your preferences and goals, providing a personalized experience as you embark on your teaching journey.